Resource Solution

Starting 2002, Pharstat began building the outsource group in anticipation of evolving clinical strategies within client companies. We integrate our high regarded personnel and systems with those of Sponsor companies, by combining our statistical expertise and local and global resource recruitment engines, Pharstat has helped our client achieve significant cost savings, flexible staffing, and standardized system operations on a global scale.

At a time when consolidation and cost containment pressures have accelerated in the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, and Medical Device sectors, combining our CRO expertise and specialized staffing engines with client's available system platform would definitely achieve the goal to deliver the medicine to patients and at the same time control the cost of running clinical trials.


Satellite Office Operations

Pharstat has demonstrated operational excellence to establish and manage satellite office solutions. Solutions can range in a variety of service areas such as Data Management, SAS Programming, and Biostatistics. With a satellite office approach, Pharstat can utilize existing client platforms or Pharstat platforms while integrating a dedicated resource-based team that functions as a mirror image of the client. The solution provides robust technology, security, and verification of procedures to ensure a seamless connection into the Sponsor's systems and continuous operations throughout the project.


Project Teams

Local or virtual teams recruited specifically to meet your specifications and needs, committed to working on your project assignments. These teams work under your leadership and direction so that you retain control.


Individual Consulting

Pharstat's infrastructure supports our ability to provide you with individual consultants to supplement your internal project teams. These individual consultants are hired as Pharstat employees eliminating any co employment related issues to the Sponsor. The Sponsor has the ability to hand-select the resources according to the therapeutic and disease-specific experience required. These resources can be on site at your facility, at Pharstat offices, or regionally based.

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