Careers With Pharstat Inc.

Why work for CRO or Staffing company when you could get benefit from both and work with experts in the industry? Pharstat is the fastest growing company and industry leader in statistical service for clients. Our success is the result of our employees. We are able to attract the top professionals in the industry (average over 10 years of industry experience) because of the unique benefits that we offer. Pharstat employees enjoy:

  • The flexibility of contract work with the job security of a permanent industry position
  • The opportunity to work in your area of interest and expertise at the top Sponsors in the industry
  • Positions that are fully dedicated to a project for the life of the project
  • The flexibility of telecommuting, work from home, or work in our offices
  • The flexibility to choose benefit, insurance, and paid vacation options
  • Highly competitive salary
  • A team of Pharstat professionals fully dedicated to the enhancement and continuous development of your career

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